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Tech&Learning UK, part of the NewBay Media portfolio, prides itself on producing and amplifying content across an extensive yet growing audience. Our credibility means that we can help promote and extend your messaging to targeted users whether this be at primary, secondary, academy and university levels. With buying power no longer being one person’s decision it is important that all parties are aware of product development, trends and analysis. Tech&Learning UK provides this platform infiltrating education infrastructures from AV & IT managers to Deans and Governors.

Tech&Learning UK is a purely end user focussed magazine tackling the difficulties and changes of AV/IT integration within environments in the UK education market. It differs from any other magazine with coverage of both AV and IT integration providing the most innovative solutions currently available in the market.

Our support has a huge range including brand consultancy, market research, thought leadership events and content creation. Through these streams we can advise, support and facilitate actions to help meet your objectives and goals in a short or long term capacity.

For more information on advertising and marketing solutions please contact:

Gurpreet Purewal
+44(0) 207 354 6000

Ollie Smith
+44(0) 207 354 6026

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