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Nuiteq appoints Dr. Edward Tse

By Heather McLean | 10 April 2017
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Create DateApril 10, 2017
Last UpdatedApril 10, 2017

Provider of collaborative educational software, Nuiteq, has announced that Dr. Edward Tse [pictured] has been appointed as its director of education strategy.

In his role, working from Nuiteq’s newly opened office in Calgary, Canada, Dr. Tse will be responsible for strategy, positioning, key partner collaborations, and expanding Nuiteq’s education business.

Dr. Tse has over a decade of experience in educational technology, most of it at Smart Technologies, where he served as both external research programme manager and project research leader. Dr. Tse was one of the primary inventors of the first multitouch table product for education, the Smart Table.

Dr. Tse’s involvement will ensure that Nuiteq is able to preemptively respond to emerging edtech trends through new and improved products to further strengthen its position as the pioneer of multitouch solutions for schools.

“As a parent I’m deeply concerned about how we are going to make education relevant for careers that don’t even exist today. Just as a loving parent exposes their child to art, music, and sports I believe that natural interfaces can expose children to new forms of expression,” said Dr. Tse.

“We are delighted to have a top talent like Dr. Tse on board with us. He brings a great wealth of knowhow, experience and expertise with him into this new position. His passion for creativity, educational technology, and human computer interaction makes him a great fit for our team, as we are on an exciting journey to make education more engaging,” said Nuiteq’s CEO and co-founder, Harry van der Veen.

He continued: “Dr. Tse has been working with multitouch technology, touchscreen collaboration and education technology for a significant number of years, so at Nuiteq he will hit the ground running, which is great, as our business is developing rapidly, due to the high demand for our educational touchscreen software Snowflake MultiTeach.”

Dr. Tse holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.


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