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Tandem: Apps for A-level revisers

OpinionSecondary Education
By Heather McLean | 31 March 2017
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Create DateMarch 31, 2017
Last UpdatedMarch 31, 2017

By Arnd Aschentrup, founder and CEO, Tandem.

If you’re sitting A-levels exams this summer and wondering how to make the most of your revision time, it’s worth taking a look at some of the revision apps that help you pinpoint exactly where you need help. Whereas students were once most likely to be swotting at their desks with a pile of text books, these days they are increasingly switching to their smartphones and choosing from a huge array of savvy apps aimed at everything from boosting language fluency in French, to remembering key descriptions in chemistry.

Many apps come with free versions and are cleverly designed to help you achieve short bursts of high quality learning; the key to successful revision and long term retention.  So, whether you’re a visual learner who likes to think in images or someone who needs instant feedback on their progress, there’s an app to suit every subject and learning style you can imagine.

Some of the best

The aptly named Revision App is a consistently popular app, packed full of content like flashcards and quizzes as well as literally thousands of revision notes.  It covers all of the A-level curriculum subjects and you create your own learning aids, depending on study preferences.  For example, you can create revision notes with video or audio, perfect for getting the content you want in the format you learn best from.

If you’re a foreign languages student looking for an app to boost your vocabulary, nothing beats talking to locals in their native language. Tandem Language Exchange App - Find Conversation Exchange Partners works like an exchange community, connecting you with like-minded people across the world who want to learn new languages.  The app matches you to someone with shared interests and language fluency and you help each other learn via text, video and audio, all for free, and you can pre-set your topic of conversation linked to what’s likely to come up in an exam too!  With over 150 global languages to choose from, it’s fast becoming one of the most popular language apps out there.

A level maths revision is made easier by study apps created by the exam boards themselves, giving you the reassurance to know you are studying the right content.  A Level Maths Revision Edexel and A Level Maths Revision AQA offer 900 questions from the syllabus from algebra to statistics, with instant feedback on your answers and full, detailed explanations to improve your understanding. There’s even a mock test you can complete, so you can see your score improving with each take.

If it’s English you need help with, there are a number of good quality apps out there that help you brush up on your spelling and grammar, ensuring you don’t throw away valuable marks. English Grammar Test features 60 tests and 1200 exercises to help you master the intricacies of English grammar with clear explanations.

Although it’s not a specific revision app, business studies students should take a look at Business Insider. The app is a spin-off from its successful business site, a respected resource for getting news, opinions and insight into industry sector issues.  The app allows searching by sector or subject and access to thousands of videos, articles, slide shows and more.

Gojimo is another well-regarded app covering all A level subjects, with multiple choice style questions that are customised to the major exam boards.  It consistently gets good feedback, although it may not appeal if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the multiple choice way of learning and being tested.

Appealing apps

The interactive nature of apps is what makes them so appealing, as well as the instant access from any smartphone or tablet. The sheer portability of these clever apps means there’s always the chance for a few extra minutes or revision, whether you’re on the tube or sat on your bed. The trick is to work out the best ones for you and not get lost in endless searches and downloads, which will only waste valuable revision time! The best apps nearly always have free versions so, at the very least, try the free downloads first before deciding whether or not to spend any money.

Tandem is an app that helps you find native speakers of almost any language who want to learn your language in exchange.


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