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Forward Features

2017 magazine features list


  • Feature 1: Futurist – we take a look at the tech of the future that will be coming to your  classroom and lecture theatre
  • Feature 2: Which ecosystem? – choosing which ecosystem to take your school towards is a big decision. Windows, iOS or Android?
  • How To: Secure the network
  • Tech Showcase: Touch displays
  • Show Preview: BETT and The Education Show


  • Feature 1: Inclusion – how tech is being used to help those with disabilities, English as a second language and SEN
  • Feature 2: Robotics – how robotics technologies are being used in the classroom today, and how it will be used in the future
  • How To: Make the most of mobile
  • Tech Showcase: Lecture capture
  • Show Preview: The Education Show and ISTE
  • Show Review: BETT


  • Feature 1: Coding – we look at why and how coding is being taught progressively from primary to university and why it is important
  • Feature 2: AR and VR – AR and VR are technologies that are edging their way into education. We look at how, where and why
  • How To: Create lesson content with tech
  • Tech Showcase: Gamified learning
  • Show Review: EdTech


  • Feature 1: Industry and education – how industry is being brought into educational institutions to improve job prospects
  • Feature 2: Mobile apps – what, why and how are mobile apps being used to open up education, from primary to university
  • How To: Use video tech well
  • Tech Showcase: Projectors
  • Show Preview: Bett
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